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Gray Ware Fig. It has a very good consistency and its colour shades range from dark gray to dark brown.

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All of the pottery is handmade ; the sides of the vessels are usually fairly thick and the pottery is self-slipped and usually burnished on both the inside and the outside. On some of the pieces a thick layer of burnishing has left visible horizontal marks on the rim and vertical marks on the body section.

The burnishing process used on other vessels has resulted in a slightly oily appearance. The standard of the firing is moderate or good. When the cross-sections of some the dating lad the pieces are examined, it is apparent that the core is black.

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Paste and Surface Colours: Munsell 7. Orange Slipped Beige Ware Fig.

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The colour tones of the paste are beige and pinkish beige. The examples from this group have a thin orange-coloured slip. Burnishing is only seen on a few pieces.

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The standard of the firing is moderate or fairly good. The core colour of the examples in hand is grayish, although some are black.

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Paste Colours: Surface Colours: Munsell 2. Coarse Ware Fig.

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The grit and vegetal tempered paste has a poor consistency and is poorly fired. The core colour of this group is black ; it has no slip or burnish and the surfaces and rims are rough.

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The surface colour 4. Flirter signification rêve the small number of examples, a few are grayish brown on the exterior and light the dating lad on the interior. Forms The limited repertoire described below consists of two main groups, Bowls and Jars and their subgroups along with a piece of a lid. Bowls Bowl 1 - Shallow With an everted rim: This bowl type comes from a single group, the Brittle Dark Gray Ware.

These bowls are rather the dating lad with straight sides and broad truncated rims.

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There is a row of small round protusions or nodules on the rims of these plates and it seems that the nodules continued right around the rims Fig. Bowl 2 - Deep Spherical a. With an inverted rim: One of the bowls from the Gray Ware group Fig. FrenchFig.

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JoukowskyFig. EslickPl.

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With an everted rim: The pieces from this type are the dating lad with fine everted rims, sides that are fine or of medium thickness and a slightly convex body shape. As there are no complete pieces from this group, it is not clear how the lower base sections continued. On the everted rims of some of the examples, there is a wart-like nodule Fig.

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Due to the absence of complete examples, it is not known how many times these wart-like nodules were repeated around the rim. HoodFig.

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Lloyd-MellaartFig. DuruLev.

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